Monday, August 31, 2009

The magnificent return of FIF

I've decided to re-open this old blog. The most likely people to be reading this are the people who know me as Pizza Cutter, the guy who does Sabermetrics (advanced baseball analysis), formerly at Statistically Speaking (and occasionally elsewhere). Maybe you remember when I used to write regularly here at FIF about Kevin Federline. You might also just know me from actual life. Maybe you just stumbled in here. Any way you got here, welcome.

FIF was my first foray into blogging, back when I actually had time to do daily blogging. Oddly enough, I didn't often talk about baseball on FIF. It was a continuation of my old college radio days when I would do weird news stories on the air. It's been about 2.5 years since I regularly updated FIF. I'm actually rather surprised that Blogger kept it active.

I'm not entirely sure what direction FIF will take at this point. To be honest, I think the best mission statement that I can make is that I'm going to write for my own amusement and hope that other people find it somewhat interesting. Knowing me, I'll probably write on the following issues:

  • Baseball in general, Sabermetrics in particular
  • Funny news stories
  • Bright, shiny objects that I find while cruising through the internet
  • Kevin Federline
  • Funny things that my wife says
  • Trips that I take to Walgreens during which I see signs of the apocalypse
  • Incredibly cute things my daughter does
  • Random political thoughts that I have (not very often)
  • Statistical tutorials
  • My life

Live and indirect from the world's first, international interactive ziggurat for endangered species and auto parts superstore. I am the Pizza Cutter. This is the Foreign Intelligence Files.


devil_fingers said...

yay! now I can stalk you publicly and annoy you with sabermetric questions, even into your "retirement" from the field.

Pizza Cutter said...

Retirement is such a strong word.