Tuesday, September 01, 2009

QB controversies, horses, and babies

Tuesdays used to be "Take a look around" day where I would look around and note all the things that were happening that weren't news:

  1. People are taking this whole Twitter thing way too far. The OR? (Side note: I never understood Twitter. No one's life is so interesting that I need minute-to-minute updates on what they are doing, and 75% of all Tweets consist of "bored. txt me."

  2. Governer Swarz... Schwartzen... Arnold said something stupid. Apparently, the entire state of Kuhlifornia is on fire. And then oddly, he just spouts off a bunch of numbers. Today, I asked my wife, "How long has he been governor of Kuhlifornia?" She said, "Way too long."

  3. Opposites really do attract! And then they fight. You know this couple.

In other words, nothing new is happening.

Stuff I've been thinking about:

I used to write at a Sabermetrics (advanced baseball analysis) blog called Statistically Speaking. There's a decent chance you already know that. When I was there, I used to warn about the dangers of reading too much into a small sample size. I live in Cleveland right now, a town which theoretically has a professional football team, and its fans are currently arguing over which quarterback will lead them to the 5-11 season that they are bound to have this year. Will it be Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson? It seems that three pre-season games in (out of four!), the competition is still on. Everyone in the town who follows football, and some who don't, have an opinion on which mediocre quarterback is slightly better.

Here's what I wonder: the "competition" was being staged in the pre-season, and folks seem to be basing their opinions largely on what they see in the four games, in which each man will probably throw a total of 30-40 passes. Against second stringers. And no one thinks that this is a bad way to evaluate a quarterback?

Real headline:
Best selling Bible to undergo revision. (They can do that?) via ABC News.

Real headline #2:
Pantless man accused of harassing neighbor's horse. (I don't want to know... yes I do...)

FINLEY, Wash. – A man who apparently wasn't wearing pants has been accused of harassing a neighbor's horse. The Tri-City Herald reported the horse's owner spotted a bald man without any pants chasing the horse about 3:30 a.m. Friday in a corral. Benton County sheriff's deputies identified a 26-year-old man, who lives next door, as the suspect and he was jailed for investigation of trespassing.

Deputies also were called to the home Thursday evening when the owner saw the same bald man scaring the horse enough to break through an electrical and barb-wire fence. He was wearing a black T-shirt and blue shorts at the time.

So... he did this more than once? I think we have enough information to declare this the week's "alcohol was involved" story.

On to the news:

Man robs back to get away from wife
(DJ Chia Pet, if you're reading this... well, wonder where that extra cash came from?)

Church gets endorsement from Satan
(Pastor: "Jesus wants us to be creative.")

  • Something to warm my Cleveland heart. Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez have been reunited on the same team. Thome was traded from the White Sox to the Dodgers for a minor leaguer.

  • Since someone is bound to ask, I am still doing Sabermetric work, and if I have something that I want to share with the world, for the time being, it will probably go here. I promise that I'll mark my Sabermetrics posts with a Sabermetrics tag.
And finally:
My wife (DJ Chia Pet) suggested that I make a blog all about her and Narlie, our daughter. And because cute pictures of babies get traffic:

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