Tuesday, November 07, 2006

And the winner is...

It's time for our usual Tuesday look around the world to see what's going on.

1) America, the paragon of democracy over the world, still can't figure out how to vote.
2) So we take the sensible approach, inflict senseless violence on people and objects.
3) Prima donna star can't believe that she lost to... well, Carrie Underwood.
4) And apparently, K-Fed isn't a very good rapper.

In other words, nothing new is happening.

On to the news:

Jet lag can kill you.
(Or at least kill some mice.)

Woman injures herself in "Shake it like Shakira" contest
(And files a lawsuit)

Someone funded this study
(And they say duct tape fixes everything! Ha!)

Bright, shiny objects:

Well, that's direct
(What you really want to put on a "Do Not Disturb" sign)

The smiley intervention
(Do you use too many smileys? ;)

Today's Random "next blog":

(A blog my wife could appreciate)

Today's strange anniversary:

November 7, 1917 -- British capture Gaza Palestine from Turks. That one sure went well, now didn't it?

Fun fact of the day:

In the last 4000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.

And finally:

Seen on the side of a bus: an advertisement for the Chicago Tribune's Red Eye paper. (a.k.a., the most dumbed down paper in America.)

"Who's smart. Who's dumb. Who's so hot it doesn't matter."


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