Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Et cum spiri-220

It's time for our Tuesday look around the world to see what's going on. Problem is that it's Wednesday.
  1. Odd celebrity marriage doesn't stand the test of time. Or four months.
  2. Snoop Dogg arrested, yet again
  3. Al-Qaeda denounces the Pope's visit to Turkey. Because I was waiting p all night to see if they would be for it or against it. (Whoever runs Al-Qaeda's PR department should be fired.)
  4. International super-group may break up due to lead singer leaving the band.
In other words, nothing new is going on.

This week's theme:
Oh the places I've gone!

Today, I give you one of my favorite places in the world: Frankenmuth, Michigan. This was always the family vacation to look forward to in the summer. It's really just a little tourist trap town with a Bavarian theme. All that you really do is eat and shop. We would stay here, eat here (or here), and shop here.

My wife and I even went there for some of our honeymoon.

On to the news:

Twelve year old gets bartending license in England
(They're starting younger and younger)

Kim Jong-Il can't have an iPod
(This means he and I will be the only two people in the world without one. But he'll be so ronery...)

Bright, shiny objects:

Street Fighter, the later years
(ever wonder what happened to Ryu, Bison, Dalsim, and the rest of the crew?)

Part Deux
(Apparently, there's more to come. But, I'm still waiting for Chad 5.)

Today's random "next blog":

A book club in cyberspace... on a blog!
(Brilliant idea!)

Today's strange anniversary:

November 29, 1964 -- Roman Catholic Church in US replaces Latin with English. O tempus! O mores! Quid faciamus?

Fun fact of the day:

Why do they call it a "green room" if it's not green?

And finally:

Welcome to the world.

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Chris said...


OK, the Men's Club will revoke your membership unless you post something extra "manley" to offset that picture of you knitting (ha ha - kidding) in your wife's blog.

Something like killing a small rodent with a high powered rifle or bungy jumping off a bridge....or BOTH!

Nice post. You never fail to entertain and educate.

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