Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bad blogger

So, finals week kicked my butt. It's finals week here, and I've been scurrying around with no time for this little daily excursion. This makes me a bad blogger, I know. In the meantime, I have had a few moments for diversion, including the coining of a new recurring feature (read: whenever I feel like it) for the blog, the four word movie review.

Four word movie review:

The four word movie review is just that. I review a movie that I saw in four words. That's it. I get four words. Try it sometime. For example, I saw Crash this weekend. I could write several paragraphs about the plot, the (underdeveloped) characters, the hackneyed storyline, the completely implausible plot, the state of racial relations in America, or I could wirte: "Racism Actually. Best picture?"

See how easy that was.

Or, Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man's Chest (another of my viewing choices this weekend).

"18th century. Space aliens." or alternately, "Pirates: Keira Knightley's Chest."

Shatner Award Presentation:

It's time for another episode of what will William Shatner do for five dollars? This seems to sum up all of Shatner's career. Well, it looks like he's taking a turn at hosting a game show. In it, he'll ask questions, and occasionally "boogie down" with 13 stage dancers. The man is a master. Today's Shatner Award goes to... William Shatner.

This week's theme:
The Spice Girls

You know you want to, you really really want to.

On to the news:

FIF update: We have a winner in the Rock Paper Scissors World Tournament!
(From London... he "practiced" two hours per day)

At least I know I'm not alone this finals' week
(And I don't feel so old)

Headline: couple marry at monster truck show
(That sound was my jaw hitting the floor)

Bright, shiny objects:

Maybe not the surfer dreams
(It's the Monday check of Engrish.com)

What your professors really think of you
(Actually a blog started in response to ratemyprofessors.com)

Today's random next blog:

A hip-hop blog
(Somewhere, one of my friends is snickering. However, today's entry is about the brand new Tupac album that's coming out. The man's been dead for ten years and he's still putting out records. I need to coin a Tupac Shakur award for individuals who manage to do amazing things... or anything... despite the minor handicap of being dead.)

The Monday playlist feature:

It's Thanksgiving this week (offer not valid in Canada). It's actually the first Thanksgiving that I'll have in the 26 years I've been alive that I won't spend with my parents. Thus is married life.

Today, we look back at Thanksgiving 1991. On that day, I actually got my first pair of glasses. Here's what we were listening to in 1991.

5) Roberta Flack f. Maxi Priest -- Set the Night to Music

4) Prince -- Cream (can't find it)

3) PM Dawn -- Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
(a rap song that samples Spandau Ballet?)

2) Boyz II Men -- It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

1) Michael Bolton -- When a Man Loves a Woman
(I refuse to link this one out of good taste)

(I know... I was the one who picked the Spice Girls for the theme this week)

Today's strange anniversary:

November 20, 1862 -- Armies of Mississippi/Kentucky merge as Army of Tennessee. There's a redneck joke in there somewhere. I just can't find it.

Fun fact of the day:

The only "real" food that U.S. Astronauts are allowed to take into space is pecan nuts.

And finally:

Overheard today on my way to work: "Yeah, I've been considering going archery hunting for deer. It seems like the most sporting kind of hunting." Because, you know, they can shoot back.

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