Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Chanuchrismakwanzaadan

Today, I saw a Christmas tree. No, not just a pine tree waiting to be cut down and displayed in someone's window, but a store with an honest Christmas tree in the window. I know, I know, stores have had their Christmas stuff out, in the back of the store but out, for a few months now. And yes, Thanksgiving is two weeks away (do you have your shopping done yet?), but...

In other news, Wal-Mart is deciding that they're going to say "Merry Christmas" this year after last year a group of people with nothing better to do boycott them due to the fact that they used "Happy Holidays" or the ever-popular "Season's Greetings." I always thought that the issue was stupid, because apparently my Christmas, Chanukah, Diwali, Ramadan, Boxing Day, and Kwanzaa celebrations depended on Wal-Mart reminding me that the holiday is near. But now that they're using "Merry Christmas", look for another group of people with nothing better to do to boycott them for being discriminatory.

Also, what the hell does "Season's Greetings" mean? Hey everyone! It's winter! But that's discriminatory against the Southern Hemisphere. You could scream, "It's December!" But, there are some Old Calendarists from Russia who think it's still November. (This is why Russia lost the Cold War.)

My wife just suggested: "Believe whatever you want, just don't hurt me!" Sounds like what I'll put on my Chanuchrismakwanzaadan cards this year.

On to the news:

Yeah, this is my species.

Rock paper scissors tournament in Toronto
(This weekend, if you're interested)

National Council of Dull Men looking for members
(Don't say it...)

Addicted to funerals?
(Seen Wedding Crashers?)

Bright, shiny objects:

Don't feel too bad about the fact that you can't parallel park
(This guy was going forward!)

Chad Vader 5 update!
(It's coming... I can feel it.)

Today's random "next blog":

Steve Eck's blog
(A guy in Minnesota blogging about what we all blog about... whatever comes to his mind)

Today's strange anniversary:

November 9, 1997 -- Toray Japan Queens Cup takes place. I have no idea what that means.

Fun fact of the day:

Actually, ten of them.

And finally:

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Chris said...

You find some of the funniest stuff. Your entries are like perusing the paper on a leisurely saturday morning.

Gotta go...I have to get my oil changed....and some minor body work;)

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