Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy 100th post

It's the official 100th installment of the Foreign Intelligence Files (FIF for short!). I did receive a few messages of congratulations from around the web including this one from Borat. He wanted to thank me for hyping his movie, despite the fact that I still have yet to see it.

J-Ratz himself checked in, following up on his recent efforts to heal divisions between the Catholic Church and Christian Orthodoxy.
Chuck Norris also sent me this lovely card, before he went out to kill everyone in Alaska with his bare hands. Nice, Chuck.

This week's theme:
Oh the places I've gone!

Today, we visit Pine Mountain State Park in Kentucky, the continuation of the "let's pick a state and go there" series that my parents put together some years ago. I did get to stand in three states at once (Kentucky, Tennesee, Virginia).

On to the news:

Blind man sentenced to spend four weeks in a library

Power Ranger fights off burglar

Man shoots himself with his own crossbow

I think this excising Jesus from Christmas thing has gone a little too far

Bright, shiny objects:

Burger King of Kings
(I should give this guy an entire section of the blog. Look for the rest of his vids.)

The ten hottest Disney Girls of all time
(As opposed to the Bond Girls)

Today's random "next blog":

Now here, no where
(The tagline is: "My fascinating adventures in bookstores, as well as deep, meaningful insights into my life. Or just silly ones. Whatever works." My kind of blog!)

Today's strange anniversary:

December 1, 1929 -- Game of Bingo invented by Edwin S Lowe. If he were about six when he did that, he'd now be old enough to play the game.

Today is also the anniversary of Michael Jackson releasing Thriller (1982). He(?) used to be really good. Perhaps there should be an award for people who fall so far into the depths of laughability called the Michael Jackson award. This year's award would go to Kevin Federline.

Fun fact of the day:

An animal epidemic is called an epizootic.

And now a word from our sponsors:

A commercial for milk from Japan
(Is that all it takes?)

And finally:

It's time for our weekly check of Is It Friday dot net!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! It's always cool when someone new wanders into my blog...

Chris said...

That Mark Day video was a riot...I always wondered about casual friday....

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