Friday, February 16, 2007

From my dad.

This week's theme:
Frederic Edwin Church

To finish off this week's theme, may I present Church's tribute to the American flag, produced around the time of the Civil War.

Our Banner in the Sky

On to the news:

Today's award for the oddest thing to steal
(And how to get caught...)

Today's award for the oddest animal story
("An Australian man who caught a 4ft shark with his bare hands says he only did it because he was drunk." Really?)

Today's award for people who need a cranial-rectal extraction
(This is brilliant stuff)

And finally:

After your weekly check of Is It Friday dot net, a bit of bad news. The blog will probably be scaled back or MIA for the next few weeks. I am an Orthodox Christian, and we are entering the season of Great Lent. I've decided to cut down on internet usage, which would include FIF. Not sure if it'll go away completely or not, but expect to see less of me for the next few weeks.

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