Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy St. Groundhog's Day

Apparently, a woodland creature poked his head up somewhere in central Pennsylvania and predicted that we will have six more months of basketball.

Speak of, it's only two more weeks until pitchers and catchers report.

This week's theme:

Here's the last of 1993. Well, that was the second last. Here is the last of 1993.

The scary thing is that I sent my first e-mail in 1993, at the age of 13. We had a 486 PS/2 (top of the line!), a 2400 bps modem and Prodigy. I don't even know if Prodigy still exists...

Update: MSNBC just posted this story, in which Viacom, who owns VH-1, is suing YouTube to have all their material taken down. This means that the I Love the 90s episodes are probably toast. This means that next week, I have to find an actual theme.

On to the news:

You put what in your hair?
(Not for the faint of heart)

62-year-old retiree whacks 17-year-old thief with frying pan

And finally:

The entirety of the city of Chicago is a giant ball of nerves in anticipation of one question that can only be answered on Sunday: Will Kevin Federline's commercial be the best of the bunch? Find out with me as I live-blog the Su... the... major championship football game... can't say that either?... the "Country Music Awards" (I guess I'll have to call it that because I can't say Super Bowl.)

Update: Maybe not. I may be going elsewhere for a Super Bowl party.

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Chris said...

6 more months of basketball? I love that gopher....muskrat...nutria...whatever the heck he is.

Happy Superbowl Weekend!
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