Monday, February 12, 2007

More on Iceland--Lithuania relations

Sifting through the news today, I found that there were a few stories that were related to my actual professional job as a child psychologist. I know I toyed around with the idea of doing a baseball blog, but I want to do a psychology blog too. Today, we find out that adoptive parents are actually better parents than biological parents, and that there's a renewed focus on academic burnout in fourth grade. That, combined with the news that autism rates are on the rise, means that there's a lot of child psychology news.

This is the problem with blogging. It's addictive.

This week's theme:
Frederic Edwin Church

FIF goes high-brau this week, featuring one of my favorite painters, Frederic Edwin Church. Church was a member of the first truly American school of painting, the Hudson River School, which focused on painting the American landscape in the mid-to-late 19th century.

My personal favorite painting by the man is "Twilight in the Wilderness" from the collection of the Cleveland Art Museum.

On to the news:

Hunter shoots washing machine
(Hunting at home... maybe not such a good idea)

Restaurant offers free meals to the hungry
(So to speak)

Looking for a Valentine's Day date?
(Maybe these aren't the best prospects)

Bright, shiny objects: just made a great soccer joke, but no one would get it
(If you have to ask the question, you wouldn't understand the answer)

Choose your own adventure, the online video Valentine's Day edition
(Remember these from grade school?)

Today's random "next blog":

Random thoughts and associations
(You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a blog by its title)

The Monday playlist feature:

Well, it's Valentine's week. So, I should probably pick a memorable Valentine's Day to recall on this week's playlist. Around my house, there's a framed poem that I wrote for my wife back when we were dating on Valentine's Day 2002. I actually wrote to her parents and asked if they would send me a particular picture of my wife so that I could incoporate it in. They did, and that's when I knew that they liked me. Anyway, here's what we were listening to back then.

5) The Calling -- Wherever You Will Go

4) Usher -- U Got It Bad

3) Linkin Park -- In the End

2) No Doubt -- Hey Baby

1) Pink -- Get This Party Started

Today's strange anniversary:

February 12, 1991 -- Iceland recognizes Lithuania's independence. Apparently, this was a big enough event that someone felt the need to write it down.

Fun fact of the day:

Many northern parishes (counties) of Louisiana did not agree with the Confederate movement. To show their disapproval, they changed their names. That's why there is a Union Parish, Jefferson Parish, etc.

And finally:

I don't get the point of dog shows in general, but MSNBC has a whole section of their website devoted to the Westminster Kennel Club show. Rent Best in Show and you'll never be able to think of a dog show the same way.

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