Friday, February 09, 2007

How my wife made chicken fillets using zen

Last night at dinner, my wife and I were recounting the time when we were at a friend's house trying to make fried chicken. My wife is a vegetarian. There were four other people in the kitchen, yet none of us could figure out how to fillet the chicken in front of us. My wife, the vegetarian, took over and did a fantastic job. We were laughing about that story last night when she said, "Yeah, it was all thanks to the Chinese Religions class I took in college." I stopped and pondered what exactly people were studying over in the religious studies department (my wife was a religion minor... we both went to the same college) She continued, "The professor told a story of a man to explain the concept of zen. He was a butcher and he was so good that it was said that his knife never dulled. When asked, the butcher said that he was just in a zen state that he was able to just follow the bone with no problems." My wife reasoned then that she should just follow the bones. So, next time you're about to disparage someone for picking such a useless major at a liberal arts college, remember: you actually learn valuable life skills.

This week's theme:
Trekkie music videos

I'm saddened that the I love the 90s theme had to go. I actually checked last night, and the videos are all gone. I guess I'll have to wait until it comes back on VH-1 (which will no doubt be within the next 24 hours).

Anyway, a musical tribute to the greatest tradition in Star Trek, the guy in the red shirt getting killed. Music by Queen.

On to the news:

Today's least justifiable excuse for a divorce
(Pumpkin pie?)

Psychic museum closes down
(Due to unforeseen circumstances!)

Truck driver spills 40 tons of cow intestines all over Wisconsin

Bright, shiny objects:

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(Advice from a former burglar)

The Luke Johnson phone experiment
(Give this guy a call. Tell him that he's on FIF.)

Today's random "next blog":

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