Thursday, February 01, 2007

Make a sound like a dying giraffe

I've decided to write a book this summer. Not entirely sure what book I'll write, but the whole point is that by the summer, I'll be done with my dissertation! I've toyed around with the idea of writing a book on teaching psychology (or research methods) through baseball or perhaps digging deeply into my Sabermetric side and write something along those lines. I've also thought about writing the novel that I've had kicking around in my head for a while. An odd thought: With the disser done, I'll actually have time to take on something like that. Crazy thought.

Also, Sunday, since the Bears are in the Sup... uh, the large championship football game held this Sunday, which will be super, I suppose I have to watch. Since I have to watch and because it's a cultural event, I will attempt to live-blog the experience. Stay tuned.

This week's theme:

The year in music, where thankfully, I can now post the year in review from Chicago's Q101, instead of the overly poppy Rock on the Net. Compare the two and laugh. Also, the year in movies. Unlike some other years, there aren't any real moaners at the top of the list... except Free Willy, which has become a campy icon. And it marked the exact end of Michael Jackson's "normal" phase. (You know you want to click on the song and sing along... don't hide on that one.) Lori Petty ("Tank Girl") was in this movie? So was Bubba from Forrest Gump!

On to the news:

And the award for dumbest criminal of the day goes to...
(At least he wasn't the usual one who left a picture of himself)

Search is on for Miss Nuclear Russia 2007
(Russian women are hot! ;-)

Mary Poppins can't spell supercalafra... ah you know what I mean
(Apparently, I can't either)

Four in five people state the obvious
(Something that I do every day)

Bright, shiny objects:

And now, more people randomly breaking into the Thriller dance
(I should have made Thriller this week's theme)

How to give a "man hug"
(Required viewing for men)

Today's random "next blog":

For some reason, the next blog button isn't working, so I guess I'll just link the blog of a high school classmate of mine who popped onto FIF and said hello. It was the first thing I'd heard from him since 1998.

Jason's Blog
(Hail to the green and gold!)

Today's strange anniversary:

February 1, 1959 -- Swiss males vote against voting rights for women.

Fun fact of the day:

Giraffes have no vocal cords.

T-shirt of the week:

The Hungry Hungry Hippos finally speak
(Anyone else think this game was a pre-school training groung for Binge Eating Disorder?)

And finally:

Another sign of the Apocalypse, thanks to your good friends at Walgreens. Every month, my wife and I try to take advantage of the specials advertised in their monthly circular. On an ad hawking their knock-off brand shampoo: "Stock up! Limit 2." Yeah, we sure can stock up.

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