Thursday, July 06, 2006

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I suppose that I ought to tip my cap to the fact that not everything in life can be found in the Odd News section. There are perfectly hilarious things happening right on the front page of the paper. Take for instance, the recent situation with North Korea's missile tests. The North Koreans are swearing that they have more missiles to shoot off, even though the last one didn't really work. And, the U.S. has countered that if the North Koreans shoot off any missiles, they might just deploy their missile defense system... which also doesn't work. I'm sorry, ever since Team America, I can't think of Kim-Jung Il the same way.

Does anyone else find it funny that the missles, which look rather... phallic... are called Taepedongs? (I probably mis-spelled that, but you get the idea.)

Let's see... a North American country has a presidential election in which the conservative candidate wins by a wafer thin margin over the liberal candidate, and the liberal candidate promises to challenge the outcome. There are allegations of voting irregularities, especially in the Spanish-speaking areas of the country. See, it could happen to anyone.

It's been a slow news day all over the place.

Today's Uber-Disturbing Music Video:

I think I can get by with a two word introduction on this one: David Hasselhoff.

Two more words as you watch it: Will Ferrell.

On to the news:

Today's "alcohol was involved" story.
("Martin claims that Zimmerman then struck him on the ear with the handgun, causing the gun to fire." I just want an explanation of that sentence.)

Thieves steal swimming pool.
(A story so odd, it had to happen in Canada. Eh?)

Like I said, slow day.

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