Monday, July 03, 2006

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! The day that millions of Americans decide to get very drunk and play around with explosive devices. Remember: We fight wars for the right to do this.

On to the news:

Just read the headline.
(How many stories do you know that start like this...)

Today's proof that you can find anything on EBay
(This will be a recurring theme...)

And our stupid criminal of the day is...
(Congratulations! You're an idiot!)

Other intriguing stuff:

Nobody's Watching
(Apparently about a year ago, two of the writers from Family Guy and Scrubs did a pilot episode that never got picked up. This is part one. The other two parts of the pilot are there. It's a sit-com about making a reality show about making a sit-com).

Apparently, all's fair in both love and war
(I love you,

Things on my mind:

I went to see Superman Returns last Thursday. As per usual, this would be a good time to discontinue reading if you haven't yet seen it. You know the deal.

If you want a plot synopsis: I recommend looking here and here. My four-word movie review: Passion of the Christ. With that in mind, watch the trailer and tell me that when the writers get to the other side, they won't have to face some plagiarism charges. I was under-awed by it. Perhaps I was just spoiled by watching Batman Begins.

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