Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

It's been a rough week and it seems only fitting to end it with a Friday the 13th. I managed to uncork a gem today after teaching my classes. I teach statistics and intro to psychology at DePaul, and my classroom is right across the hall from the department office. One of the administrative folks over in the office heard me when I shouted during my lecture and said that it sounded like I had a good class. I told her that in my stats class, I had taught z-tests, while in my intro class I had taught about much less interesting things, like food and sex. The administrator said, "Wait a minute, you think that a survey is more important than sex." I said, "Well yeah, sex only lasts a few minutes, but a survey will be around forever!"

Her response: "Not unless you have a Polaroid."

This month's theme:
MLB Playoffs!

Here's how old Tom Glavine is. A few weeks ago, I bought a bunch of old baseball sticker albums from the 1980s. He's in them. I hope I'm doing that well when I'm in my 40s. Now, if the Mets could only pitch him in all seven games...

The Tigers look like they're purring. Oakland finally won a playoff series just to have this happen, eh?

On to the news:

And now, Tara Reid shows why celebrities have no sense of perspective
(Here's also to the people who report it as news.)

A wedding dress made out of cream puffs
(Yeah, more things we should have thought of at our wedding)

Assault with a deadly weapon
(A bad haircut)

Bright, shiny objects:

You have to admit, he had it coming
(A little graphic, not for the faint of heart... you've been warned)

Teletubbies... raving
(Uh... not graphic, but sure is disturbing...)

And finally:

Time to start a new tradition. Our weekly check of "Is It Friday" dot net.

Today was apparently "Diddy Day" in Chicago. Yeah, him...

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Chris said...

Classic response! Except no one used polaroids anymore......that is what digital cameras are for!!

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