Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Klingons on the starboard bow

Ah, celebrity news...

1) A random star (Madonna) followed the latest celebrity trend. In this case, adopting a child from Africa. It's the new fashion accessory.
2) Kevin Federline is coming this close to being the first combination winner of the Shatner Award and the... well, the Federline Award. But, then again, I'd pay money to see this too.

Baseball bits:
Since that's pretty much replaced this week's theme

Lou Pinella on whether the Cubs would draw more walks during his tenure as manager: "'My philosophy is to get eight midgets up there that walk all the time.'' Thanks Lou. We need a baseball quotes of the week feature. In other Cubs news, Mark Prior apparently can't stay healthy. This was apparently surprising enough to be considered news.

Latest on the saga of A-Rod whom the Yankees swear they don't want to trade and everyone else in baseball denies a serious interest in actually trading for: A search of Google News for "Alex Rodriguez" and Cubs produced more than 100 different hits within the last 24 hours. This sounds like the crush that no one will admit to. However, the rumblings out of Boston say that Manny Ramirez might go. Yet again.

More rumors: Carlos Lee to the Astros, Mark Mulder back to the A's, Kaz Matsui remaining with the Rockies.

TBS will televise one of the two League Championship Series next year. Former pitcher Bud Black will get an interview for the Giants managerial spot. Black is currently the Angels pitching coach, and once teamed with catcher Steve Decker in San Francisco to form a Black and Decker battery. Apparently, somebody named Manny Acta is also a managerial candidate. Who is Manny Acta?

And oh yeah, the Cardinals are one win away from the World Series with Chris Carpenter going tonight. Tigers-Cards? Brings up memories of Bob Gibson or the Gashouse Gang era.

On to the news:

Tag banned from playgrounds, because "accidents can happen."
(We know, that's why there are kids on the playground the first place.)

Kazakhstan spells "bank" wrong on its money.
(Someone call Borat)

Ever had a real ass follow you around who just wouldn't take no for an answer?
(My wife is not allowed to comment on this one)

A prayer to say when you're drunk
(Its this week's alcohol and God were both involved story?)

Indians fan until I die... and then some
(We buried my uncle in a bass fishing coffin...)

Grandparents dealing heroin
(They're starting older and older.)

Bright, shiny objects:

Fantastic time lapse of the Northern Lights
(Bright and shiny, indeed!)

Star Trekkin', the claymation musical video about Star Trek
(OK... slowly... look... away... they... can... smell... fear...)

Today's random "next blog":

The Book Fix Blog
(A Kansas City librarian does book reviews)

Today in history:

October 18, 1922 -- British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) forms. They immediately begin sending radio program ideas over to the U.S.

Fun fact of the day:

President Nixon was a huge sports fan; he would often visit the Washington Redskins’ practice facility and talk football to his good friend, Redskins coach George Allen. President Nixon even called in a play during a Redskins game. (It was an 11-man blitz!)

And finally:

Not sure if I'll be able to blog for the next few days. I'll be in Kansas perhaps without internet access. My wife and are at the point in our marriage where we take separate vacations. She's going to Atlanta this weekend to be with our niece... and oh yeah, the rest of her family.

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