Monday, October 02, 2006

The playoffs are here!

Today, I defended my dissertation proposal. Ah, such a nice feeling. Go me. I still have to finish my internship applications, but this is so nice. Now, in theory, I can be a graduate student forever!

Sadly, I had a really funny story to tell today from one of my classes and I can't tell it here. This is the problem with blogging when you have a job involving confidentiality. Half of my life can't be broadcast.

This week's theme:
The playoffs are here!

Ah, the major league baseball playoffs. The most fun month of the year. Since the Indians aren't in it this year, it means that I have to "adopt" a team to root for. A few selection criteria.

1) The team may not be from New York
2) Or be called the Yankees
3) Or be owned by George Steinbrenner
4) Or be from California
5) Or be in the AL Central

So, my two rooting interests are now the Oakland A's (yes, I know... #4, but they're the A's!!! I love Billy Beane and sabermetrics. Read Moneyball and you'll understand why) and the St. Louis Cardinals. In other words, the two teams that always get their hearts broken.

On to the news:

As someone who teaches college classes, this would explain a few things
(Perhaps I might try this...)

(Performance artist has to be the best job in the world. You do something that makes no sense. You say something obscure. People hail you as a genius.)

This may also explain a few things...
(For example, the last 40 years of U.S. political history)

Britney Spears has nothing to worry about
(Not that she did... of course...)

Bright, shiny objects:

Tom Cruise kills Oprah
(No comment)

How do you say "huh?" in Japanese?
(Daniel-san, Banzai!)

Today's Random "Next Blog":

A picture a day for 2006.
(Someone posting a picture each day of the year. Neat idea. All I need is a digicam.)

The Monday Playlist feature:

This week in 1995, this happened. While it was happening, here's what we were listening to.

5) Sophie B. Hawkins -- As I Lay Me Down

4) Coolio -- Gangsta's Paradise

3) Janet Jackson -- Runaway

2) Alanis Morrisette -- You Oughta Know

1) Mariah Carey -- Fantasy

Today's weird anniversary:

October 2, 1895 -- The first comic strip is printed in a newspaper. Immediately, it becomes the most read piece of the newspaper.

Fun fact of the day:

Parthenogenesis is the term used to describe the process by which certain animals are able to reproduce themselves in successive female generations without intervention of a male of the species. At least one species of lizard is known to do so.

Perhaps a similar process can be found in humans for... nevermind...

And finally:

September ended. Why didn't anybody wake me up?

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