Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I'm bringing spinach back (Yeah?)

Time for a look around the world to see how things are going.

1) There's a sex scandal in Washington. And everyone is reacting as though this has never happened before.
2) North Korea has said that they will conduct a nuclear test, despite the fact that they are "committed to nuclear disarmament" The U.S. has responded by saying that they view this as "bad, very bad."
3) There will soon be an album out of Nirvana songs... as lullabies.
4) And, God help us all, Paris Hilton has managed to out-do herself.

This week's theme:
MLB Baseball Playoffs

As I'm writing this, the A's have already beaten the Twins. Apparently, Frank Thomas is still alive. Who knew? The Cardinals beat the Padres in a game that no one watched because it was at 4:00 pm Eastern. You didn't miss much. Then, Satan beat the Tigers.

Satan cheers for the Yankees. Proof.

Every year, I dread the thought that the Yankees may actually win the World Series... again. I exempt anyone who was born within the New York broadcast market from this next statement: If you cheer for the Yankees, it's because you worship Satan too.

On to the news:

Prince William plays bingo
(Don't you love the British... this is news!)

Clown runs for mayor in California
(Before you laugh, just remember this...)

Woman on trial for drunk driving...
(Can you finish the sentence?)

Bright, shiny objects:

Speaking of K-Fed
(See, I told you...)

This should probably be the "Random Next Blog" but I'm cutting it short today.
(I'm a grad student...)

And finally:

From the "Things My Wife Says" Department.

My wife's friend: So, when do we get spinach back?
My wife: I think that's Justin Timberlake's next project.

I love my wife.

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