Thursday, October 12, 2006

We won't be warm for another five months

Let's see if I can do this proper today. It snowed for the first time this season in Chicago. I believe that it is now officially OK to embarassedly put out the Christmas knick-knacks in stores. Not in your home mind you. This is something that is strictly reserved for Thanksgiving Friday. But, the snow has come and my wife said, "You know, I just realized we won't be warm for another 5 months or so."

This month's theme:
The MLB playoffs

The Tigers (?) are up 2-0 on the A's, going back home for three. The Detroit Tigers may be going to the World Series. On the NL side, they can't get a game off. Watch, the Tigers will be finishing a sweep before the NLCS gets underway.

On to the news:

Canadian troops fight marijuana plants
(No word on who won.)

Doggie ice cream
(As in ice-cream for dogs.)

Birthday cards now illegal in England

Disney World after dark
(And you thought the Screech sex tape was odd)

Bright, shiny objects:

Some entertaining sports bloopers
(Done NES style)

Slang in the 20s!
(Are you drugstore cowboy?)

Today's random next blog:

Classic Death and Speed/Thrash Metal
(The Blog. Yeah, first one in English.)

Today's random anniversary:

October 12, 1960 -- Nikita Khrushchev pounds his shoe at UN General Assembly session. Silly Russians.

Fun Fact of the day:

The infinity sign is called a lemniscate.

And Finally:

Today is the 10th anniversary of one of the best events of my high school career. On October 12, 1996, my high school played our archrival high school and won 12-9. A game that featured future NFLers Rodney Bailey and DeJuan Groce for my school and LeCharles Bentley for that other school. (If you're from Cleveland, you know exactly why I won't say their name.) The teams meet again this weekend. That night, my school, which never won this game, managed to pull this one out, largely due to the fact that it was raining and cold that night. In fact, I think our quarterback had about two completions that night, but we scored because the other team's punter tried to punt from his end zone and kicked directly into the wind and on the next play, one of those two completions went for a TD. That night, they tape delayed the radio broadcast of the game. I still have those tapes somewhere. After I listen to them, I can still remember running onto the field celebrating. We finally beat our arch-rival. The next year (my senior year) we lost 34-6.

I suppose since I didn't do a Monday playlist, I should do a link to what America was listening to at the time, but I did a 1996 one a few weeks ago, and it was all the same music (Donna Lewis, Primitive Radio Gods, Keith Sweat) along with Cousin Celine Dion and No Mercy.

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