Thursday, September 28, 2006

Antelopes making out

Will someone tell me why I wasn't informed?

I know that the movies that come out this time of year are supposed to be total garbage, but now I'm looking forward to this and Borat. Life is good. (By the way, Borat made the news today.)

This week's theme:

In the mood for an old school episode?
Part I, Part II, Part III

Another, perhaps?
Part I, Part II, Part III

A note to the Power Rangers. Voltron owns you. Even if it was horrible Japanimation.

On to the news:

Burglar stops to play piano
(And wakes owner...)

Ring reminds husbands of their anniversaries
(You know, like... a wedding ring doesn't?)

Police spend $6400 of taxpayer money on lap dances and booze
(During a two year "investigation")

Bright, shiny objects:

A short documentary about Alexander Seymour Smith
(Video game pioneer)

This is both funny and wrong on so many levels
(The best combination)

Today's Random "Next Blog":

Right This Minute
(I'm a sucker for people who post random stories about their lives)

Today's Weird Anniversary:

September 28, 1987 -- Star Trek: The Next Generation premieres. An entirely new generation of middle-aged men will now need to get a life.

Fun Fact of the Day:

Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds, while dogs only have about ten.

And finally:

My wife and I last night briefly considered how it is that antelopes make out with one another. After all, if you thought "the nose thing" was hard with humans, where do the horns go?

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