Monday, September 25, 2006

Elmo, Voltron, Cocaine, Cardigans, and Emus...

Have you ever seen someone
a) have a seizure?
b) in a manic state?
c) who needed an exorcism?

Now you can.

To think that this thing will sell for $500 by Christmas. Maybe more. Don't you just love our species.

This week's theme:

I went there. If you're about my age (mid-20s),
you know you loved it. And every once in a while, you occasionally break out in the Voltron theme (da-da-da... da-dada...) when you want to feel like a super hero?

OK, maybe that's just me.

On to the news:

Red Bull not good enough for you? Try cocaine!
(Well, finally some truth in advertising)

Skunk-lover convention in North Ridgeville, Ohio
(This town is next door to the one where I grew up)

Policeman pretending to be john arrests prostitute pretending to be cop
(Perhaps this was the irony police who made the arrest?)

Another reason why they call it "dope"
(Oh, c'mon folks...)

One way to get back at critics
(Beat them up!)

Incidentally, an update from last week:
PETA is getting involved in the Six Flags eat a cockroach, be first in life promotion. Hilarity always follows them. Stay tunes.

Bright, shiny objects:

Harry Potter, re-enacted by thumbs
(This one was linked off the Elmo thing)

Someday, I'll be that good at DDR
(Little known fact: I actually own a couple DDR pads.)

The Monday Playlist:

I suppose that this week marks something of a birthday for the Foreign Intelligence Files (FIF for short!) On September 26, 1999, I was officially assigned to work as an intern for
WKCO radio in Gambier, Ohio. I worked with a classmate named Jeremy, who showed me how it all worked, and then was very patient when a DJ from another college radio station (the only other college in town) showed up, for no apparent reason and didn't leave. This was my first time on the air.

The next week, Jeremy went to a wedding and told me to just work with whoever the substitute DJ was that the station assigned. No one showed up. I did the show myself. The next week Jeremy resigned from that show and told the station that since I already knew the ropes down there, I could take over his show. The Pizza Cutter Show was born.

So were the Foreign Intelligence Files.

So, what was America listening to that week?

Christina Aggalera -- Genie in a Bottle

4) Santana f. Rob Thomas -- Smooth

3) Ricky Martin (what happened to him?) -- She's All I Ever Had

2) TLC -- Unpretty

1) Enrique Iglesias -- Bailamos

I remember that's the night when I first heard this song and gasped, "It's by the Cardigans??? But it's so... good."

Today's Random "Next Blog":

Inane thoughts and insane ramblings
(A guy randomly talks about whatever comes to his mind... and it's funny. Reminds me of this blog. Only his is funny.)

Today's Weird Anniversary:

September 25, 1639 -- The first printing press is installed in America. Seeing some of the garbage that America has produced since, perhaps this wasn't such a good idea.

Fun Fact of the Day:

Emus cannot walk backwards.

And Finally:

Three months until Christmas. Do you have your shopping done?

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