Thursday, September 14, 2006

More stars than you can shake a stick at

Walking down to the train today, I saw a flyer/menu/advert for a new restaurant in town called Thai Me Up. This is the best name for a business that I've seen since I saw the hair salon down the street called Great Head. But then again, Curl Up and Dye is right down the street.

This week's theme:
The Breakfast Club

As a psychologist, if I ever taught a class on group dynamics or group therapy, this movie would be my textbook. The manner in which they progress from mistrust to cohesion is a textbook example of the theories in action. John Hughes nailed it. Not Ali Sheedy, mind you. The concept.

A nice little article about the film, and where the stars are now
(If you're a hardcore fan, you probably already know these things, but for the rest of us...)

A fantastic fan site.
(Worth the visit for the .wav files)

On to the news:

There's an implication that the people in this story were on drugs
(But, I still want an explanation for the first sentence of the story)

Now here's how to get on a referee's good side.
(British-language proficiency required to get full comedic effect.)

Bright, shiny objects:

Mr. Rogers. Slightly doctored.
(Not sure if this is real, but it's really funny!)

The mother of all trailers: Every single movie trailer ever in made in two and a half minutes
(If you know me, you know exactly why this is falls into the "bright, shiny objects category")

Today's weird anniversary:

September 14th, 1868 -- A man named Tom Morris claims to have hit golf's first ever hole-in-one. Men have been lying about it ever since.

Today's fun fact:

Clans of long ago that wanted to get rid of their unwanted people without killing them would burn their houses down - hence the expression "to get fired."

And finally:

A song to get stuck in your head.
(Makes a fantastic work out song.)

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