Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I got beat at Trivial Pursuit

Last night, my wife beat me at Trivial Pursuit. I actually did dominate for most of the game, but I was undone by dice that just wouldn't cooperate to get me in the space that I needed. I actually had all the wedgies in my piece of pie before she did, but she came charging back and won the game on the question, "What strikes the Empire State Building more than 50 times per year?" (Lightning.) Also, my wife got questions like, "What is the only NFL team to play without decals on their helmets?" and "In 1920, Bill Wambsganss accomplished what rare feat during the World Series?" She got them wrong. If you're from Cleveland, like I am, you're grimacing.

The real fun was that we played with an edition from 1981 that she found at a Salvation Army store for $2.00. So, the questions were all written when I was 2, and I suppose they were common knowledge back then. One of the questions was "What does VCR stand for?" I can imagine that in a few years, some kid will answer, "What's that?"

Still, I must be losing my edge. The question was "In what sea are the Cayman Islands?" My though process was that it was "somewhere in the Carribean..." It never occurred to me that the Carribean is a sea...

This week's theme:

You know you want it...

On to the news:

Man stabbed with fish
(A swordfish, no less)

Bear defecates in forrested area!
(Also, throwing eggs can hurt someone)

Headline: Killer Teddy Bear leaves 2500 fish dead
(I tried to warn people about Teddy Ruxpin)

Man in Ronald Reagan mask arrested for bank robbery
(But does he remember it?)

Bright, shiny objects:

Law and Order meets Sesame Street
(It's better than when Sesame Street met Homicide)

Zombie Survival Kit
(I'm wondering what's inside)

Today's Random "Next Blog":

A photoblog from the UK: Jim's World
(The photos are just so pretty.)

Today's Weird Anniversary:

September 26, 1969 -- The Beatles release Abbey Road. Ever since, four people walking across the street has to turn into a photo op.

Fun fact of the day:

The only city whose name can be spelled completely with vowels is Aiea, Hawaii, located approximately twelve miles west of Honolulu.

And now, a word from our sponsors:

We were a lot simpler in the 80s
(But then again, Wrigley has had the same ad campaign ever-since. It's like another Wrigley product, the Cubs. If you keep throwing the same bad stuff out there year after year, people will eventually confuse endearing and comfortable with good.)

And finally:

This morning, I was listening to the local radio station and on comes another commercial... yet another commmercial... for a car-related product that used Tom Cochrane's "Life is a Highway." A moment of eulogy for Tom, who is an under-appreciated song-writer cast off as a one-hit wonder. It was a pretty good song and I suppose the licensing fees support him and his family, but isn't it time that we officially retire the song. It has joined a pantheon of songs that aren't even really played on the radio any more, but live on endlessly as jingles. Perhaps there needs to be a Constitutional amendment on the subject. This will have the pleasant side effect of outlawing Sheryl "Every Day is a Winding Road so All I Wanna Do is Soak Up The Sun because A Change Will Do You Good" Crow.

By the way, for those of you pretending to know the answers to the questions from Trivial Pursuit, the Cleveland Browns have no decals on their hemets and Bill Wambsganss turned an unassisted triple play in the 1920 World Series, which was won by Cleveland.


debbie said...

Because I was a very strange child, I actually played that original 1981 genus of Trivial Pursuit for years and years. It was the beginning of my interesting and rather endearing adoration for Nikita Krushchev. Good times! Too bad we didn't get a chance to play at Kenyon, I could've wiped the floor with the both of ya :)

Pizza Cutter said...

I did find it odd that most of the questions could be answered with Krushchev...