Thursday, September 14, 2006

Estrogen heaven

My wife is currently in estrogen heaven. She recently signed us up for Blockbuster's home delivery service, and promptly put the entire catalog of Gilmore Girls on our queue. While I'm slaving away on my dissertation, she's watching Lorelai and Rory do whatever it is they do. At the risk of havin my Guy Card revoked, I actually like the show. Witty repartee is fun, and one of the joys that I have in life is that my wife and I have gotten pretty good at that sort of verbal jousting.

In fairness, she also got me DVDs of Da Ali G Show. Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. I think I just found next week's theme.

This week's theme:
The Breakfast Club

And now, the only hit that Simple Minds ever had
(unless you could Alive and Kicking)

Demented and sad, but social!
(God bless you, Anthony Michael Hall)

On to the news:

How to get a promotion in the police department in Spain
(The same way you get promoted anywhere else)

Dutch scientists urges teens to drive drunk
(For a good reason)

Plastic surgery for goldfish
(Because it was "too ugly!")

Headline: Dog takes up yoga
(What next? Dog takes up skiing?)

Bright, shiny objects:
It's all about the Rubik's cube today.

One-handed Rubik's cube world record
(I can't do the thing with two hands in under an hour)

Now, let's add a blindfold
(Don't you feel stupid?)

Today's weird anniversary:

September 13, 1964 - The Beatles release the song "Yesterday." At their wedding reception, my parents had their first dance to "Yesterday." Take a look at the lyrics, and puzzle over why anyone would play this at a wedding. Answer: They never picked a first dance song, and told the band to just play something nice. This was apparently the first thing that came to their minds.

Today's fun fact:

What does "OK" really mean?

And now a word from our sponsors:

The best condom advertisement I've ever seen.
(Makes you think twice, eh?)

Update: The link I posted yesterday was supposed to take you directly to the video, but apparently, it didn't link well. Click on the link above. The commercial is the last one on the page. Try the rest of the page too. Or just wait, because no doubt I'll be pulling from this one for a while.

And finally:

The horror... the horror...


Dove Knits said...

I love you. Especially now that you won't enter the room with GG playing :)

By the way, link directly to the condom commercial, please. Or indicate which one it is.

Pizza Cutter said...

Fixed the commercial link.