Friday, January 19, 2007

Being lazy on Friday

Irony police alert: Be on the lookout for a large SUV being driven by a single female. License plates "WIND NRG." The car was seen driving through Chicago earlier this afternoon.

This week's theme:

Finishing off I Love 1991, Part 4 and Part 5.

If I recall correctly, the only interesting event that happened in my life in 1991 was that I got glasses around Thanksgiving. I went to junior high that year, which wasn't really all that interesting in the long run.

On to the news:

Irony police, additional suspect sighted: British would-be king and environmentalist
(Notable feature: large ears)

Spice World finally wins cinematic award

Thieves steal GPS devices
(Guess how hard it was to find them)

Millionaire sues homeless
(For what?)

And finally:

It's time for our weekly check of is it Friday dot net.

Short one today. I've been out and busy all day. Monday I'll start my annual Super Bowl poll, where I ask people for whom I should cheer in the Super Bowl, despite the fact that I don't care either way.

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