Wednesday, January 17, 2007

FIF comes at you fast

Well now, I suppose it was only a matter of time. It's time for another presentation of a Shatner Award given to the person who excels in the area of losing the greatest amount of personal dignity for the least amount of money. Today, we induct another member into the fold of people that already includes Mike Tyson, O. J. Simpson, and, well, William Shatner himself. Today's winner almost won a Shatner Award a while ago, but today, he takes his final step:

Today, we at FIF are proud to present a William Shatner Award to Kevin Federline.

From the press release:

Columbus, Ohio — Nationwide announced today that it will continue its award-winning Life Comes at You Fast advertising campaign with its second national Super Bowl ad, featuring Kevin Federline.

Typical of other ads in the Life Comes at You Fast campaign, the spot opens with a situation that changes in a dramatic and unexpected way. Just as viewers believe they are seeing a Kevin Federline rap video, the ad takes a funny, surprise twist. Nationwide’s Life Comes at You Fast slogan is the punchline.

“The Life Comes at You Fast concept was created to remind people that they need to think about preparing for the future,” said Steven Schreibman, vice president of advertising and brand management for Nationwide. “No one has personified Life Comes at You Fast in the media better than Kevin Federline. Our partnership with Kevin shows the world that he has a great sense of humor. He’s poking fun at himself, and in the process gets to have the last word.”

I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry, applaud, or just stand in amazement of the unintentional dead on social commentary. I'll have to watch (and liveblog) the Super Bowl just for this.

In completely un-related news, YouTube has what is reported to be a bootleg copy of a new Britney Spears song called "Fed Up." Now that's hilarious.

This week's theme:

Your daily dose of I Love the 90s (Part V of the first, Part I of the second)

I typed "1991" into Google and got these rather intriguing links

Physics News Updates from 1991
Picture from the brand new Hubble telescope from 1991
Cornell's Class of 1991 website

On to the news:

Nerd brawl!
(Over World of Warcraft, no less)

Canadian Pillow Fight League
(Today's "Why didn't I think of that?" story)

Bright, shiny objects:

The world in seven pictures
(Only in America...)

What happens when women try to pump gas

Today's random "next blog":

I hit the magic button and this came up
(Someone's portfolio of art work. Neat.)

Today's strange anniversary:

January 17, 1861 -- Flush toilet patented by Mr. Thomas Crapper. So, today when you do your daily duty, be sure to wish your toilet a happy birthday.

Fun fact of the day:

How are area codes assigned?
(Good question)

And now a word from our sponsors:

Two grandmothers rapping in Dutch
(What is it about the Dutch lately?)

And finally:

Just a little update on the ongoing Trivial Pursuit challenge between me and my wife. It was a tight game, but I got all six of my pieces and answered the final (now obsolete and incorrect) question: Who holds the single season NFL Record for touchdowns scored. In 1981, the answer was none other than O.J. Simpson. (My second mention of him today!) Unfortunately for such trivia-based games, they can't keep up with the times. It's also really fun trying to answer 25 year old trivia questions.


Anonymous said...

The newest commercial of a young boy causing accidents and havoc promotes a poor model of youth. It should be canned and a new slogan is needed!

Anonymous said...

The newest commercial of a young boy causing accidents and havoc promotes a poor model of youth. It should be canned and a new slogan is needed!