Thursday, January 04, 2007

O.C. should only ever stand for "Oh, Canada!"

Apparently, while I was gone, the Dark Side won.

And, in a sign of intelligence among TV executives, the O.C. lost. I'm sure will be reeling from the eulogies that it will surely receive.

But, the O.C. wasn't the only thing that got the axe. Paris Hilton has been fired. Last years's Golden Federline winner Paris Hilton is making a good opening statement for her title defense by getting fired as the spokesperson for Club Paris, which is named for her.

This week's theme:
Never Ending Story

My personal favorite scene from the movie, mostly for the music. Between that and the Voltron theme, it's really all you need for a heroic intro in the 80s. I suppose the score to the movie is out there somewhere. I should find it.

On to the news:

Apparently, people in bars think that something completely inane is absolutely hilarious
(It's this week's alcohol was involved story)

Apparently, people who drink beer do not make effective criminals
(It's this week's alcohol... wait a minute...)

Proof that anyone can get a credit card
(Even non-humans?)

Open-mic opera night
(Something so strange, it has to be from the C-State)

Bright, shiny objects:

A college saga, part I
(WTF factor: Captain, she can't take much more of this! More parts to come... I suppose you could find them on YouTube anyway, but you know how it goes)

Tara Reid counting backwards

Today's random "next blog":

Days of my life
(Today's entry starts off with a story about a coffee house. I hate coffee.)

And finally:

Congratulations go out this weekend to two dear friends of ours from college, Matt and Ayesha who are tying the knot this weekend. At a ski resort. Perhaps I shall ski. Now, for those of you who know me, that's a mental image to ponder!

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Chris said...

Great stuff as always. That college saga clearly shows that college students have too much time and drugs on their hands....

Have a great weekend!
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