Thursday, January 25, 2007

FIF: The musical!

A happy saint's day to my wife! At least on the Russian calendar. For you non-Orthodox out there, this is a big deal. Every person has a personal saint and on that saint's feast day, you party. Mine is September 4th.

This week's theme:

A few things about 1992, in movies and music. Biggest movie of the year was Aladdin (with the fantastic Robin Williams) which was pretty much the pinnacle of the Disney animated movies. A thought... when was the last time they put out a good one. Toy Story doesn't count because that was all Pixar. Checking in at #6 is Sister Act... now that's entertainment.

Your recommended daily allowance of 90s nostalgia (1992:Deux:2 and 1992:Deux:3)

On to the news:

Missing: a soulmate
(So, put it on a milk carton)

Man convinces authorities that dressing up like the Joker from Batman is part of his religion
(I haven't the time to make this up)

Chinese man convinces his new wife to have plastic surgery to look like his first wife
(This screams: I have issues)

Our dumbest criminal of the day goes to...
(Italy, actually)

I can only imagine what the wedding night was like
(Use your clean mind. I didn't.)

Runaway Bride, the Rock Opera
(See below)

Bright, shiny objects:

Legally Blonde... the musical
(But then again, we know that Reese Whatshername can actually sing)

Apparently things haven't been going so well for Chad Vader
(The force is strong with this one)

Today's random "next blog":

(Looks like a photography blog... it's in English)

Today's strange anniversary:

January 25, 1985 -- "We are the World" is recorded. I hope Bruce has eaten some fiber in the last 22 years.

Fun fact of the day:

Why do they call it a Phillips screw
(Duh, the guy that named it was named Phillips)

T-shirt of the week:

Attention, wife

And finally:

A story shared with my wife that actually happened a few years ago. As part of my training as a psychologist, I attended a series of seminars in which we discussed different psychological tests. One of them was developed, unfortunately, by two men named Woodcock and Johnson. (To make things worse, Woodcock's name was Richard.) The test, known as the Woodcock-Johnson measures academic achievement and is used in the diagnosis of learning disorders. Someone brought it up in this conference, and one of my classmates innocently stated, "I heard that was a long one."

We stopped laughing about 5 minutes later. Gotta love psychology humor.

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Whiteboy said...

Must respectfully disagree on the Disney point. Aladdin is fantastic, but the peak came with the movie following Aladdin - Lion King. Since Lion King, it's just been one downhill slide of suck.