Thursday, August 10, 2006

From the mighty mouth of the muddy Mississippi

I'm live in New Orleans, and I finally got the wireless internet in the room to work. Last night, I got into the hotel kinda late, and by the time I got settled, just about everything had closed. Problem was I was hungry. Even room service wasn't delivering any more. I went out to try to find something that was open, but it didn't quite work. I wound up having a bag of Doritos and a Power Bar for dinner. The irony of foraging for food in New Orleans did not escape me. Our convention is being held at the very same place that was on the news last year. Half of it is closed down.

The downtown area looks OK, but it's still not completely back to better. I'm told that the Lower Ninth Ward looks like a bombing raid hit it. They had a tour bus(!) out to see it. I didn't go.

This week's theme:
Odd renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner

Koyanagi Yuki in some sort of MLB-Japan all-star exhibition
(How often do I get to reference both Engrish and Baseball-Reference at the same time?)

On to the news:

Goat crowned monarch of Ireland
(Now that's no way to talk about Queen Elizabeth)

You've heard the "Sesame Street After Dark" jokes

And finally:

I've got such an awful internet connection, so it's gotta be short. Hopefully, I'll get a dispatch out tomorrow.

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