Friday, August 25, 2006

Gender-bending miracle fish!

People are arguing over Pluto. Should it be considered a planet or not? People are arguing over this. Am I the only one who sees the humor in this?

Headline on "Chicago's favorite gender bending miracle fish dies" His name was apparently Bubba. Did anyone proofread that headline?

Congratulations go out to Milwaukee, America's drunkest city. This was apparently a shock.

This week's theme:
Weird Al!

Weird Al and my tenth-cousin, once removed (seriously), Celine Dion.
(My father's an amateur geneaologist. That's how I know that.)

On a related note, I've considered writing to the Celine and saying, "Dear Celine, please stop. Love, the family. Signed, the Pizza Cutter. P.S. Send Money.

On to the news:

Our latest sighting of the Blessed Virgin... in my back yard
(On the belly of a turtle?)

I suppose this would be the best place to hide from the police.
(Smart... criminal?)

Bright, shiny objects:

OK, I have to confess a small hobby that I have. I love virtual tours of cruise ships. It's addictive. Try it.
(Is that weird?)

Going with the Weird Al theme, a piece of UHF
(Stuuuuuuuupid. You're so stuuuuuupid.)

Today's Fun Fact:

For those of you wondering about the mechanics of why the Russian calendar is thirteen days behind from yesterday, here's an explanation.

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors:

What Hallmark should write...
(Dedicated to all my friends.)

And finally:

Coming next week: VMA's. My preview is here.


La Hack(ie) said...

Holy schnikeys, lookit who I found! I suppose I should log onto AIM more often...ah, Kenyon. Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I don't.

Miss you!

Pizza Cutter said...

Ummm... Who is this? I know you have some connection to Kenyon, but in the grand scheme of things, doesn't everyone? Are you Rob Oden?

la hack(ie) said...

Ach, sorry. It's Debbie. I realise you don't know my "online" persona, and I can't link my email addy here...Sorry to disappoint you, though I think if it was Rob Oden looking you up from AIM that might be disturbing, no?