Thursday, August 31, 2006

Half-eaten egg salad sandwhiches for sale

From the "Things my wife says" file:

"So, one of my Sims was having an affair. Then, his wife died and he married the mistress the next day and had a baby. But, his wife became a ghost and was haunting his house. Then, he resurrected his wife from the dead, but when she came back, both women were mad and walked out and now he just has the baby. That's OK though. All he really wanted was kids."

Don't ask.

This week's theme:

Ever wonder what ALF did after the show ended?
(Maybe he should have stuck with this instead. Or even more bizarrely...)

On to the news:

This story isn't really all that interesting except for the fact that we find out that there's a British Hedgehog Preservation Society.
(Two words: Revolutionary War)

Life imitates art.
(If you can call Tom Hanks an artist nowadays.)

Want a sandwhich half-eaten by Federline-Award (Popoazo!) winner Britney Spears?
(BONUS: You get a corn-dog half eaten by K-Fed himself! Yes, I'll give you the link.)

Bright, shiny objects:

Lions call out for dinner delivery.
(Speedy delivery, eh?)

More scenes from my wedding.
(The actual story is much funnier.)

And now a word from our sponsors:

Thematic. But apparently slightly altered.
(At least that's not how I remember it.)

Today's fun fact:

Can animals get VD?
(I wonderwhat the motivation behind this question was.)

And finally:

VMA's tonight. I'll be there. Join me at 8/7 Central for live, exclusive FIF coverage from the World Communication Hindquarters here at FIF.

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