Monday, August 14, 2006

Rock Concert for Nerds

I've returned from New Orleans back to Chicago. No post on Friday, due to the wonders of Hilton's internet connection (on for 5 minutes, off for ten, on for two, off for 45). Don't let anyone tell you that New Orleans is back on the rise. It's all marketing, sentimentality, and wishful thinking. The city used to be a 24-hour place, but now everything closes at midnight or earlier, with the exception of Bourbon Street (more on that in a bit).

The French Quarter itself is beautiful. The architecture is grand, and the Cathedral of St. Louis is a hidden gem. It's very well done and it's safe enough for kids to walk around, even on Bourbon Street. Here's the thing about Bourbon Street. It's a collection of seedy looking bars (no shock there) and... strip clubs. Considering what happens on Bourbon Street (and yes, it was happening while I was there), why would one go to a strip club? In fact, there were about ten of them (no exaggeration...) including two run by Larry Flynt. It smells like a mix of stale urine and vomit. I walked around and wound up talking to the homeless in the area for a while.

The conference itself was fantastic. I was in a room with Aaron Beck and Albert Bandura at the same time. Before I went, my wife told me that conferences like these were like a rock concert for nerds. I now understand what she means. If you're a psychology major and a nerd, you're wetting your pants right now in envy. If you're neither one, you have no idea why this would be interesting. Either way, I got pictures.

Last week's theme:
Odd renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner

Since I didn't get to post on Friday, I figured I'd give you the final installment in the series. The final entry is N'Sync at the 2002 Winter Olympics. It's not really an odd rendition of the anthem. In fact, it's a really well done rendition, and one of my favorites. But, it does contain the line, "The flag will be raised by Native American war veterans [dressed up like the guy from the Village People] and the anthem will be performed by N'Sync." Apparently no one stopped to think about how funny that sentence would sound when read aloud.

This week's theme:
It's time for Animaniacs!

You know you love it.
(And you'll have it in your head all week!)

Seriously, was this show not 10 years ahead of the curve? Would anyone understand Family Guy without this show as a background?

Warning: Hardcore nerdiness behind this link

On to the news:

Emmitt Smith. A.C. Slater. Jerry Springer?
(Can we finally agree that reality TV has gone too far?)

Rampaging squirrel on the loose!
(Boris and Natasha already know)

This would be a weird story even if it didn't involve Paris Hilton
(What exactly would the Gospel choir sing?)

Bright shiny objects:

The Alternative Dictionaries
(Ever wanted to really insult someone in their native language?)

Don't you love things that are unintentionally funny?
(Use your clean mind...)

And now a word from our sponsors:

The Rock Flowers
(I suppose that the M.C. Hammer Doll in 1992 wasn't that much better)

Today's Fun Fact:

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

And finally:

While walking back to my hotel from Bourbon Street, there was a (probably) homeless man who was clearly passed out drunk on the sidewalk. People stopped not to help but to take pictures. Does anyone else find this offensive?

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